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AIDS World Day

On 1 December is celebrated as World AIDS Day, but did you know the history of AIDS day, and why to use the emblem Red Ribbon (Red Ribbon)? Here I want to share information on the beginning day of AIDS red ribbon symbol, as well as prevention, that I got from various sources.

The concept of World AIDS Day originated from the Summit of Ministers of Health for AIDS Prevention Program in 1988. This concept was later taken over by governments, international agencies and charities (Charities) worldwide. World AIDS Day is commemorated on December 1st to raise awareness of the global AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection. From 1988 to 2004, UNAIDS spearheaded the World AIDS Day campaign, choosing annual themes in consultation with the institutions of other global health.

In 2005 this responsibility was taken over by the World AIDS Campaign, which then chose Stop AIDS: Stay Promise as the main theme of the warnings until World AIDS Day 2010, with sub-themes are more specific are elected each year. This theme is not used only for World AIDS Day but also throughout the year in an effort to increase awareness of HIV / AIDS in the context of other global events including the G8 Summit. World AIDS Campaign also conducts local campaigns around the world, like the Student Stop AIDS Campaign, an HIV awareness campaign targeting young people in Great Britain. (Source
: Aids Indonesia)

Red Ribbon Symbol

Each anniversary of AIDS December 1, we always use the symbol of Red Ribbon (Red Ribbon) as a symbol of awareness against the spread of HIV and AIDS. Since when did the Red Ribbon is introduced and from where the idea? The Red Ribbon, a red ribbon wrapped around, have some sense and meaning. But the most widely known as a symbol of solidarity towards people living with HIV / AIDS. Red Ribbon Project was created by artists Caucus for Visual AIDS New York in 1991. This extraordinary collaboration believe it is important to:
1. Remains are known not as an individual and to respect the Visual AIDS Artist Caucus as a whole in the creation of the Red Ribbon Project, and not to register one individual as the creator of Project Red Ribbon
2. Let copyright remains free of charge, so that no individuals or organizations that take advantage of using red ribbon.
3. The Red Ribbon should be used as a symbol of consciousness, not as a commercial tool and copyrights.

The artists that make up the Visual AIDS Artists Caucus, hoping to create a visual symbol to indicate keperduliannya to people living with AIDS and their attention.

Inspired by the yellow ribbon symbol as a tribute to American soldiers involved in the gulf war, the red color was chosen as the "bond of blood and spirit - not only anger, but love, like Valentine's Day." The first time an introduction to the pubic by Jeremy Irons at the Tony Awards in 1991, then the symbol of the bands began to be used as a symbol of AIDS awareness, becoming a tool in the celebrity fashion accessories. Red Ribbon symbol continues to be a force to increase public attention to HIV / AIDS and is used as a tool to enhance the Charitable Fund against AIDS care and research. (Source
: Abiasa)

Prevention and Transmission

Until now, hear the words HIV / AIDS as a terrible scourge. In fact, if understood in a logical, HIV / AIDS can be easily avoided. How is it? Prevalence of HIV / AIDS in Indonesia has been moving at a very alarming. In 1987, HIV / AIDS cases are found for the first time only on the island of Bali. While the current (2007), almost all provinces in Indonesia have discovered cases of HIV / AIDS. The problem of HIV / AIDS has long been a common issue that continues to draw the attention of various circles, especially the health sector. But actually still a lot of information and understanding of these health problems are still unknown even further by the community. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. HIV present in a person's body fluids such as blood, genital fluids (semen or vaginal fluids that have been infected) and breast milk that has been infected. While AIDS is declining immune syndrome caused by HIV.

Anatomy of AIDS Virus

Anatomy Virus AIDS
(Sumber : Teen AIDS)

People who develop AIDS very easily infected by various diseases because the immune system of patients had menurun.HIV be transmitted to others through: Sexual intercourse (anal, oral, vaginal) unprotected (without condoms) with men who had been infected with HIV. Syringes / piercings / tattoos are not sterile and are used interchangeably. Getting a blood transfusion containing HIV virus HIV positive mother to her baby while in the womb, during birth or through breast milk (milk)

Transmission of HIV is not transmitted through normal social relationships such as handshakes, touching, kissing usual, hugging, using eating utensils and drinking, mosquito bites, swimming pools, use the bathroom or WC / toilet or stay the same house with people living with HIV / AIDS (PLWHA). PLWHA are living with HIV or AIDS. While OHIDA (People living with HIV or AIDS) that is a family (kids, wife, husband, father, mother) or friends of people with HIV or AIDS. More than 80% of HIV infection affects mainly the productive age group of men, but the proportion of women with HIV tend to increase. Infection in infants and children, 90% occurred from the mother with HIV. Until a few years, a person with HIV is not showing clinical symptoms of HIV infection, however, the person can pass on to others. After that, AIDS began to grow and show signs or symptoms.

Clinical signs of AIDS:
  • Body weight decreased by more than 10% in 1 month
  • Chronic diarrhea that lasts more than 1 month
  • More prolonged fever dari1 months
  • Impairment of consciousness and disturbances neurologisDimensia / HIV encephalopathy
Minor symptoms: Persistent cough for more than 1 month
  • Generalized dermatitis is itchy
  • The existence of multisegmental Herpes zoster and recurrent
  • Recurrent yeast infections in the female genital
HIV and AIDS can affect anyone. But in the prone group had a greater risk of contracting HIV causes AIDS, namely:
  • People who behave sexually with multiple partners without using condoms
  • Injecting drug users who use needles together
  • Sexual partners of injecting drug users
Babies whose mothers are positive HIV can be prevented by breaking the chain of transmission, ie, use of condoms at every risk sex, not using needles together, and where possible not to give milk to children when mothers are HIV positive. Until now there is no medicine that can cure AIDS, but there are medications to suppress the development of the HIV virus so that the quality of life of people living with HIV is increasing. This drug must be taken throughout life. If an HIV-positive patients get the results, it does not mean that the spouse he is also positive. HIV should not be transmitted whenever there is sexual intercourse.

The only way to know whether the spouses of these patients received HIV-positive or not is to perform HIV tests terhadapnya.Test HIV during pregnancy is important, because anti-viral therapy can improve maternal health and reduce the likelihood of an HIV-positive pregnant women to transmit on HIV to her child before, during, or after birth. Therapy should be started as early as possible during pregnancy.

In Indonesia, major hospitals in the provincial capital has been providing facilities to test for HIV / AIDS. In Jakarta, Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) and other hospitals also have facilities for it. In Bandung, Hasan Sadikin Hospital also has the same facilities. (Source
: Net Sains)


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